• Dishwashers

A dishwasher is not a garbage disposal!

Hint 1. Scrape and rinse your dishes well in cold water before loading into your dishwasher, everything that comes off your dishes is forced through a filter and then through your spray arm.  When it gets blocked your dishes won’t clean properly and before long you will be calling me for a repair.

Hint 2. Be careful not to spill the rinse aid when refilling, it will cause excessive sudsing which could cause the machine to leak.

Hint 3. Check your cutlery basket for holes. The plastic basket will not last the life of your dishwasher, it is quite common for utensils to fall through the bottom of the basket and stop the spray arm from turning. You can contact me to order a replacement basket by going to our ‘contact us’ tab. 

  • Washing Machines

The main reason for calling a serviceman is a blocked pump, you could save yourself this expense by making sure you follow these guidelines:

Hint 1. Check all pockets are empty, and make sure the underwire in your bra is not sliding out of its place (you will not believe how many under-wires I have pulled out of washing machines over the years.) 

Hint 2. If you have come home from the beach/river, shake as much sand as possible out of togs and towels before putting in the wash.  

Hint 3. Never wash a rubber backed bath mat in your washing machine….ever, unless you really want your pump and hoses full of rubber confetti.

  • Ovens

A clean oven is a happy oven!

Hint 1. If your oven has a concealed bake element in its base, do not put an oven liner or tray on the base of the oven.  This prevents the heat getting through, your food won’t cook properly and you will overheat the oven liner and crack the enamel.

  • General Tips

Most people know about the importance of using a surge protector for their computer, but hardly anyone protects their appliances from fluctuations in the power supply.

Nearly all washing machines and most fridges these days are controlled by an electronic board which is basically a miniature computer.  I have seen many appliances over the years that have blown boards due to power surges. 

To replace the electronic board you can expect a bill upwards from $250 incl labour, which in many cases will cause the machine to be written off.  The cheapest option for washing machines is, turn them off at the wall when not in use, easy.  Obviously for fridges this is not an option, so using a surge protector is by far the best option.

  • more to follow....